Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fixing Raw and Smackdown

If you watched Raw or Smackdown in the past few weeks, you've seen a few good matches. You also saw things that really didn't need to happen on a wrestling program. By that I mean shilling pizza, two dance contests, a truck pull, a tug of war between the World's Strongest Man and Tons of Funk and another one with Sheamus. And just because there wasn't enough randomness they threw in an arm wrestling contest too. First let us not forget we watch wrestling for the wrestling matches first and foremost. But lately the WWE seems to be dropping the ball on that. I think if I see one more Team Hell No vs Prime Time Players match I am going to be very angry! And you wouldn't like me angry. So I have a few ideas that might help the WWE (cause you know, they read this, right?) get back on track.

First, get rid of the jobbers and actually let everyone earn a spot on the roster. I am not saying get rid of them and fire them, but give everyone mini pushes. Let them earn it. I can think of a few guys that at one point had solid spots on the roster that are now just used to fed people that are being pushed down our throats. Guys like Ted Diabiase (I know he is healthy again, he has been on house shows recently), Yoshi Tatsu, Curt Hawkins, Alex Riley and JTG for example. I'm not saying Yoshi needs to win his matches but allow him to try to be entertaining and see if the fans take to him again.

Sit the people that need to be sat down. I don't care if John Cena is the WWE Champion. Everyone deserves a few weeks off to rest, especially if he is injured. If he were to get hurt even further, what good does it do the company then? CM Punk has it right. He is injured. He needs some time off to rest both his body and his mind. And he is taking it. Even when Cena was going through a nasty divorce he didn't take time off. I have never wrestled a day in my life, but I would imagine it would be way too easy to burn out considering what they put their bodies through. At least they are doing the right thing when it comes to Dolph Ziggler and his concussion. There is no reason why a man and a concussion should be competing in a ladder match.

I read something recently that said the Brand Extension was officially going away. I say put it back full force. That way more people earn their spots and we don't see the same match on Raw that we saw on Smackdown. Use shows like Main Event and Saturday Morning Slam as Super Shows. Let Raw and Smackdown focus on the putting on the best shows with the talent that is "signed" to that roster.

The last thing they can do to help is just go back to two hours. With all the injuries they have had recently, part of it has to do with being over worked. The wrestlers are clearly over worked with on average six and a half hours of wrestling every week, they are bound to be putting more stress on their bodies. Plus clearly the writers are reaching for things at this point. So if they pushed Raw back to two hours, I think it will help the overall product