Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wrestlemania Thoughts.

You probably noticed that I didn't make a prediction on the Women's 10 diva match. Because I refused to acknowledge Vickie Guerrero wrestling, I'm sorry.

I did ok in my predictions. I correctly guessed ShowMiz over Truth/Morrison, Chris Jericho over Edge, Undertaker over Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart (with lots of interference) over Vince McMahon, Rey Mysterio over CM Punk. I missed HHH over Sheamus, John Cena over Batista, Randy Orton defeating Legacy and Money In The Bank.

Best match on the card, clearly was Undertaker and Shawn Michaels as everyone expected it to be. It wasn't nearly what last year's match was, but it was still a 4.5 star match.

The Money In The Bank was kind of sloppy. I counted atleast 4 missteps involving the ladder, but the good news is there was no one seriously injured.

Not only was I way off by predicting Cody Rhodes to win the triple threat it should have been obvious when he came out to non-Legacy music that Legacy was in deed over.

How much time and money do they spend on these eleborate John Cena Major PPV enterances? That was just Beyond Redonkolous. Best part of this match was during the Cena celebration when he cheered with a fan wearing a "I Hate Cena" T-shirt. Im not sure Cena even saw it.

Bret Hart didnt do a whole lot of wrestling in his match, which is off course understandable considering all that has happened to him since the last time he was in a wrestling ring.

I find humor in the fact that to join the Straight Edge Society, you have to shave your head but CM Punk.... big hair!

I was kind of disappointed there was one backstage segment (it was Lame) and no other celebrities shown through the crowd.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Wrestlemania 26 Predictions!

Wrestlemania 26 is this weekend. So I figured now was a great time to start my wrestling blog with my Wrestlemania predictions. I have been watching wrestling for more then half of my life. I think my first live event was in 1991 or 1992. I think one of the first main events I saw featured Hulk Hogan teaming with The Big Boss Man versus Mr. Perfect and The Genius.

So let’s get into the predictions…

CM Punk Vs Rey Mysterio (if Mysterio loses, he must join the Straight Edge Society) – This isn’t the first PPV match before these two. They had a classic match to be the number one contender for the intercontinental title back in Armaggedon 2008. I don’t see there is any way that Mysterio joins the SeS. So I am predicting Mysterio in a very competitive match.

HHH Vs Sheamus – Sheamus will jump HHH before the match even begins. I can see this match ending in a DQ (which I hate for Wrestlemania). So Sheamus wins because HHH uses his favorite weapon, the sledgehammer.

Money In The Bank – Do you remember when the MitB was only 6 people? Then they added two more people. And now this year we have a ten person Money in The Bank, which makes this the hardest MitB to predict. Every year I have predicted Shelton to win the MitB match. He is one of the best performers in WWE. The only thing he lacks is good mic skills, but I can see him being a heavyweight Champion. But somehow I don’t see Vince seeing that. So I am split for prediction…. Either Kofi Kingston or Vince’s boy, Drew McIntyre.

Vince McMahon vs Bret Hart – This will not be a wrestling match, let’s go ahead and say that. It will be nice to see Bret, especially if he wears the classic pink and black gear. There will be lots of weapons. There might some interference in this match too. But let’s face it, Vince McMahon NEVER wins. So Bret wins and get his revenge.

ShowMiz vs John Morrison and R. Truth – There are rumors that John Morrison turns heel and there is no place better to make an impact then at Mania. ShowMiz wins and retains the Unified Tag Titles. I will be really annoyed if they move this to the pre-show like last year’s Unification Title Match.

Randy Orton vs Ted Dibiase vs Cody Rhodes – It would be so easy to pick either Randy or Ted in this match. And that’s why I am picking a serious upset. Cody Rhodes steals this one.

John Cena vs Batista – Maybe I am biased against both of them. I honestly don’t like either of them. So I don’t care who wins this match. But I am going to say John Cena wins cuz Cena never loses big matches.

Edge vs Chris Jericho – I am a huge Edge-head. I will admit that. He is one of my all time favorite wrestlers. But I honestly think they could do more with Jericho as champion right now then they can with Edge. I think this feud goes for a few months, so Edge will eventually win back the title.

Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels – I really think this should be the main event match. Title or no title, this is the match everyone is looking forward to it. I think it will be so hard to beat last year’s fantastic match. But in the end, no one should bring the streak to an end. Undertaker wins. I will be sad that it will be Shawn Michaels last match. But the way I look at it, Shawn Michaels retired a few years ago after Wrestlemania 14. But he returned and we have seen almost a decade of great matches from HBK. And hopefully they will send out Shawn Michaels like they did with Flair two years ago.