Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Global Force Wrestling Edition

Welcome back to another edition of Inside The Wrestling Ring. This post was originally written in April and sat on the shelf for 3 months, but as you can see it's time for me to step back Inside The Wrestling Ring. There will be some changes made so I hope that you will like. Since this is technically an old blog, it will be the last one with the old logo. New logo to be revealed soon!

It really is an exciting time to be a wrestling fan. Fans all across the world recently celebrated the World Wrestling Entertainment's Wrestlemania XXX. And for the first time since 2001 we are looking at the possibility of having not one, not two, but three major promotions in the United States. I am talking about the new project from Jeff Jarrett called Global Force Wrestling. And, of course, we also have the little engine that could named Impact Wrestling (or Total Non-Stop Action or TNA. Whatever you want to call it).

We don't know when Global Force Wrestling will start. But I have a few suggestions for Jeff Jarrett (and I am available to be a consultant if he is interested!). My biggest suggestion for him is this. Don't try to be WWE. They have been around for over fifty years. Don't try to be Impact Wrestling. Be Global Force Wrestling, whatever that is. Find your identity early and stick to it. Jarrett has a great mind for the business. I think he has a chance to make GFW the second biggest wrestling company in the US.

One of my biggest problems with TNA when they started was their reliance on WWE's former talent that was well beyond their years. It's only now that TNA is starting to push their own home-grown talent. But to have people like Hall, Nash, Hogan, Savage, Sting, Booker T, Foley, and Scott Steiner (just to name a few) as prevalent as they were, I think hurt their product. And I say this knowing what WWE has done with their part-timers recently, which I don't agree with.

I think the best thing Jarrett can do with the roster instead of taking past their prime guys, find guys that never reached their full potential in WWE or TNA. I think a roster full of guys like Shelton Benjamin, John Morrison, Chris Masters, and Carlito for example would be a good start. Jarrett didn't reach his full potential under Vince McMahon. I think he could help guide some wrestlers and help them to their limit. There are guys on WWE or TNA that could use a change of scenery. Think how over Zack Ryder is and yet he doesn't get the opportunity. I don't condone poaching off other companies’ rosters. But sometimes a change is a good thing.

The first official man on the roster is David 'The Renegade' Scougall. Fill out the roster with more names that the average fan isn't familiar with. It will help the new talent work with veterans. It will help the older guys work with new wrestlers to broaden their style, and, let's face it, with the last few weeks the free agent pool got a little deeper (more on that to come).

Another thing I would say is for Jarrett to be the face of the company, but admit that his days in the ring are over. Be smart for all the money that you are spending, don't make it just about you. I hope that Jarrett has taken all his experiences from WWE, WCW, TNA, and Mexico into mind. The booker doesn't do well as main talent. Ask Vince Russo about that.

Hire backstage people who know the business and RESPECT the business. Don't bring in someone who will make a mockery of wrestling or allow an actor to hold your world heavyweight title. Don't recycle storylines and if you do, don't make it obvious. Find only the people that want the best for the company. The product will show that.

Like I said, I am available if Jarrett needs me!

Special thanks as always to my wonderful and beautiful editor for making this readable!