Saturday, September 19, 2015

Night Of Champions 2015 Predictions

In just about 21.5 hours we will have Night of Champions where every WWE Title will be on the line! And there will be other matches as well. So I thought I would get into the habit again of making my predictions and seeing just how many I can get right.

We will get started with the match that will kick off the PPV on the pre-show. It will be The Lucha Dragons teaming with Neville to face the Cosmic Wasteland of Stardust and The Ascension. At SummerSlam (or as I like to call it SummerFest) Neville (along with Stephen Amell) defeated Stardust and Wade Barrett, and this match is a spin off of that feud I think Stardust will pick up the win. Let's face it. He really is in desperate need of the win.

Next up we have Nikki Bella vs Charlotte for the Diva's title. I will keep my opinions to myself about the reign of Nikki Bella. I have all ready been yelled at but someone on the internet that I don't support women's wrestling. Even though this gentleman (using the term very loosely) does not know a thing about me... neither here nor there. But WOOOOOOOO. Charlotte will be your new Diva's champion.

Another title match is Ryback vs Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Title. This will be a very good match of two larger wrestlers. And I think Kevin Owens will will the title. He couldn't wrestle the US Title away from Cena, but he will become Intercontinental champion which in my opinion is actually better. I know the two titles are on the same level, but to me they are not.

Then, we will have the tag titles being defended by the New Day vs The Dudley Boyz. I think New Day retains. They just won the titles and it will be too soon to take them off of them. But there will be some foul play. Xavier Woods will somehow get involved, allowing the New Day to retain. There will be a rematch at Hell In A Cell. I could either see it being a Hell In A Cell Match or a tables match. Either way, the Dudleys will need a little help. But I seem to be predicting more Hell in A Cell so I'm going to let it go (SPIKE).

We also have Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev. I don't know why the WWE continues to put it's top stars in feuds straight out of soap operas. It didn't work with Cena and AJ, and it's not working with Ziggler and Lana. Lana will not play a part in the match because she is out injured. Ziggler has been getting the upper hand on Rusev so I expect a Rusev win.

There's a huge six man tag match. The new Wyatt Family will face Ambrose, Reigns and a mystery partner. The rumors are running rampant who that mystery partner will be. Is Erick Rowan healthy enough to return (no), will the WWE call up someone from NXT (Possibly)? I have heard two names that are just speculation. It could be Baron Corbin. Meh. Or it could be Samoa Joe which would be huge. But the biggest rumor out there will be it will be the return of YES! YES! YES! Daniel Bryan. And quite frankly the winner of the match really depends on who that third guy is. If it's Bryan, his team wins. If it's Samoa Joe? His team wins. If it's Baron Corbin, his team losses. Rowan? Loss. So I'm going to say it's Daniel Bryan and his team wins.

Seth Rollins has not one but two matches on Sunday. He will face John Cena for the US championship and Sting for the WWE World Title. I think somehow he escapes with both his titles. I don't expect either of his matches to end cleanly. One will be a DQ and one will be a countout. I think it will be a countout vs Cena and a DQ with Sting thanks to Big Show interfering.

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Today I'm going to my first Indy show

Even though I'm a big wrestling fan, recently I was told that I'm not. I'm a WWE fan. I haven't been to an independent wrestling show. I don't watch TNA, ROH, Lucha Underground. And while I look at it differently, I can see their point. So I'm changing that.

Today (weather permitting) I'm attending my first independent wrestling show. It's Northeast Wrestling. It's not a full show. They are coming to the local fair in town with four matches. Afterwards there will be a meet and greet with one of the wrestlers. They announced four of the names on the card, and I guess because I'm only a WWE fan, I really only know two of the names. One I have seen wrestle, because she used to be in the WWE.

The two names I know are Mickie James and ROH champion Matt Taven. I'm looking forward to expending my horizons a bit as I become a more well rounded WRESTLING fan. I'm planning on going early so I can get front row seats!

I will let you know how it goes. It's raining now, but hopefully it doesn't last!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pieces of my childhood are dying edition

Just like Terry Funk, every time it looks like Inside The Wrestling Ring has retired it keeps coming back for more! 

So much has happened in the world of professional wrestling since my last blog but there are four things I want to focus on right now. More and more I'm losing bits of my childhood and quite frankly I don't want to stand for it anymore! We lost two of the greats of my youth and then were rocked by two more scandals. We will discuss this all starting right now.

First the death of Dusty Rhodes on June 11th rocked the wrestling world. I admit that I was not a big fan of Dusty the wrestler, but he was such a vital part of wrestling when I getting into it that it saddened me. Dusty had such a huge impact on wrestling backstage. There are few people in this world that had the mind that he had. What I most respected about Dusty was that he was never the most in shape guy. He had a lisp so his promos weren't always the best. It didn't matter. He overcame all of it to be one of the best of all time. I have nothing but respect for him, his family and his legacy in the business.

Then we lost the Hot Rod. That was a hard one for me. Growing up my all time favorite was Randy Savage. But Rowdy Roddy Piper was always in my top 5. Again, he was never the most in shape guy.  But I don't know you can find a better talker (especially at that time) than Piper. His promos were just amazing. So much so that they had to give him his own talk show, Piper's Pit. Piper's Pit had so many great memories over the years. From the coconut over Snuka's head to his encounter with shock talk show host Morton Downey Jr to countless others. Every time he picked a microphone, there was magic. We will never see another Piper.

Now it's time to take out that number 2 pencil. Turned it around and starts erasing! I do not agree with the WWE's system of "erasing" people from history. It can't be done. Sorry to be the one to bring that to people's attention. Whether we agree with what Hulk Hogan said on tape seven years ago or not, he can't be erased from history. We know what he did. We know about his epic battles with Andre The Giant, Randy Savage, Rowdy Roddy Piper, etc. We know to eat our vitamins and say our prayers. We know about the red and the yellow or the black and the white. Was what he said right? Nope. Not at all. I don't condone using that word one bit. But to delete him from the history books is not right either. 

However he's not the only person being erased from history. Hogan's tape was from 7 years ago, but we have to go much further back to erase Jimmy Superfly Snuka.  I had heard many times over the years he was a suspect in the death of his girlfriend at the time. Nancy Argentino died 32 years ago under a suspect situation. What I don't understand is what took the authorities 32 years to make this arrest? He was the only suspect in what looked like abuse. Regardless if you go to the WWE Network and type in Snuka, you will get a result. Tamina Snuka, his daughter. Clearly this is a much different situation than Hogan. But again, if this is something that has been 32 years in the making than maybe WWE should have been more prepared for this as a possibility.

Regardless it's a shame to watch pieces of my childhood get erased or know that I won't ever see them again on my screen.