Monday, November 3, 2014

Predicting Team Cena vs Team Authority Edition

Welcome back to another episode of Inside the Wrestling Ring!

Last week on Raw it was announced that be Team Cena vs Team Authority in a traditional Survivor Series. And tonight on Raw, Mr. McMahon announced that if Team Cena wins, the Authority will no longer be in control.

But who will represent each team? That is a very good question and that is exactly what we are here to discuss.

Team Authority is guaranteed to have both Kane and Seth Rollins. But who else should join? Should it be Triple H? In a perfect world, yes. Especially with the new stipulation. But I don't see it happening, unfortunately.

I think that Mark Henry will join Team Authority. He is just getting a renewed push after his heel turn. He is the World's Strongest Man. If you were part of the Authority, wouldn't you want someone with that moniker on your side?

I would like to put the Brothers' Dust on the team to finish off the team, but I am hoping for a Tag Title match at the PPV so I will hold off on them. Also I think that Rusev would be a good person to have on the team, but it wouldn't make sense to put him on it. I also think that Miz/Mizdow should be on the team, but I have a feeling they will not be again.

I think that Cesaro would make an excellent addition as well. I keep waiting on him to be pushed to the next level. But I think his comments about not wanting to see Orton vs Cena again will keep him out of the main event.

The fifth person on the team will probably be Randy Orton, but he will do more damage to his team than for his team.

For Team Cena, clearly you have John Cena. He has all ready begun campaigning and will most likely get Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler on his team.

If Mark Henry is on Team Authority, then Cena will recruit the World's Largest Athlete the Big Show to his team.

The fourth member of Team Cena will be the returning Ryback. Again, he is in line for a big push and what better way to give it to him then give him a chance in the main event spotlight.

As far as the fifth member of Team Cena, I have a feeling we won't find out who it will be until the event. I think it will either be a brief return for Chris Jericho or someone from NXT. So my final prediction will be that it will be NXT champion Adrian Neville.

What do you think of my picks? Who would you have on either team?