Monday, January 26, 2015

I have had enough Edition

No banners today. No greeting. I am stepping right into my thoughts last night on the Royal Rumble. Or more like my thoughts on the people bitching about the Royal Rumble.

I understand having your favorite superstar and getting upset over him not winning a big match like the Royal Rumble but come on people. #CancelWWENetwork was trending last night on Twitter for hours because people are belly aching.

And it all seems to stem from the fact that Daniel Bryan didn't win last night. There are reports that Mr. McMahon was asked to put him in the main event of Wrestlemania 31 and he said no. GOOD! I like Daniel Bryan. I do. But you know what? Storylines were re-written for him last year. He has had his Wrestlemania moment.

It is a shame he got injured last year. But injuries are a part of professional wrestling. We all know it. There is not a single wrestler who has never had to take time off due to an injury.

It just bothers me that so called fans have done nothing but bitch and moan. Maybe Roman Reigns isn't the best on microphone. I personally don't think Randy Orton is, but no one seems to mind his long boring promos. Reigns is good. But he is green. I admit that. But there is no way better to learn then trial by fire.

How many times in the last few months have we seen Cena vs Rollins in one form or another? Usos vs Miz/Mizdow? How many times over the past few years have we had Cena vs Orton? The number one complaint I have heard is they aren't pushing anyone new. Guess what? They are pushing someone new. And still people complain.

Here's the other thing to consider. Daniel Bryan went out early in the Rumble. What if he was the last one eliminated? Would that have stopped people from complaining? I think it personally would have made it worse.

Daniel Bryan will be just fine at Wrestlemania. He will not get left off the card. Sure, it's not the confetti falling from the roof moment people want. You want that? Watch Wrestlemania XXX when he overcame every odds stacked against him. Like he was some kind of super hero.... like John Cena. But we boo Cena when he does it.

I think Mark Henry put it best.... Y'all a bunch of puppets.