Friday, September 3, 2010

No Surrender PPV Predictions

Velvet Sky vs Madyson Rayne- Whenever the words grudge match are used, a safe bet is always with the face in this case Rayne. But I have a feeling that Velvet Sky will pull this one out. By cheating of course.

Falls Count Anywhere Abyss vs Rhyno - I have been a fan of Rhyno for a while, but he never seems to get PPV matchs so I am glad to see this. However as rare as his PPV matchs are, PPV wins are even harder to come by. Abyss wins!

Sting/Kevin Nash vs Jeff Jarrett/Samoa Joe - In the battle of the dinosaurs, Samoa Joe turns his back on Jeff Jarrett and once again sides with Sting/Nash....

X Division Title: Sabu vs Douglas Williams. Sabu wins... via DQ. Hence no title reign for him

I Quit AJ Styles vs Tommy Dreamer. Tommy Dreamer probably has never said I Quit. Either has AJ Styles. Tommy should have quit a long time ago... Styles win

TNA World Tag Titles Motor City Machine Guns vs London Brawling. That may be the dumbest tag name since Techno Team 2000. MCMG retain the titles!

Mr. Anderson vs The Pope - In the first semi-final match Mr. Anderson will defeat a very game Pople.

Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy - In the 2nd semi final match and the match that will steal the card.... Kurt Angle will win.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summerslam Thoughts and NXT Predictions

I have a huge problem when there are two title matches that end in DQ, especially when there is only a total of 6 matchs. I was fairly on the mark when it came to my predictions.

Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston- I said that Kofi would probably win but not walk away with the title. I figured Vickie would interfer. I was way wrong. But still, it was a disappointing match because both have big potential to put on good matchs.

Melina vs Alicia Fox - It was a decent match for a divas match. Atleast there was no jello or pillows in the fight. I didnt expect LayCool to come down at the end of the match.

Big Show vs CM Punk/Luke Gallows/Joseph Not Joey Mercury - I expected the SES to walk away with the win. I was wrong. It was a short decent match.

Randy Orton vs Sheamus. This match could have stolen the card if it wasn't for it ending in a DQ. Sheamus lost, but retained the title. It was pretty awesome to see Sheamus go through the table though.

Rey Mysterio vs Kane. I know it was totally predictable that Undertaker was going to be there, in the casket. But it still was a great match, made even better by the return of the true legends of wrestling.

Raw vs Nexus - I know I said Nexus would win. I should have remembered that John Cena is this generation's Hulk Hogan. He never loses the big match. He rarely loses on PPV anyway. It was great to see Daniel Bryan back. I think he got screwed out of that whole situation. It was only a matter of time until he came back.

There are 3 left in NXT. I am pulling for Michael McGuilicuty or Alex Riley. I wouldn't be upset if Kaval wins, but I was McGuility to win more.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summerslam Predictions

Today is Summerslam so let the predicitions begin:

Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston for the IC Title. I see Dolph retaining thanks to Vickie Guerrero. I am not saying Dolph wins the match, but he will retain the title anyway. Either by countout or DQ.

Melina vs ALicia Fox for the Divas title. Winner and new Divas champion! Melina!

Big Show vs CM Punk, Luke Gallows and Joey Mercury. It's hard to argue against Big Show, no matter how many opponents he faces. But I still say that Straight Edge Society win.

Kane vs Rey Mysterio. Kane will retain his title. It will be a great match with a lot of back and forth. But I think Kane will win.

Randy Orton vs Sheamus. I expect HHH to make his return during the match. And I think Randy Orton will defeated Sheamus for the title.

Team WWE vs The Nexus. One member of the Team WWE will be revealed as the lead of the Nexus and turn on the Team WWE allowing Nexus to win.

Lets see how well I do

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Invasion Edition

Yes, I know it's been a very long time since an update here inside the Wrestling Ring. But here we go.

Both Monday Night Raw and Thursday Night Impact are dealing with their own invasions. Raw has been dealing with the Nexus for several months. And now it looks like TNA is dealing with a Hardcore invasion with former OECW (Original ECW) wrestlers.

Yes, I know that Dixie Carter invited Dreamer and Crew to appear, but clearly based on Raven's actions at the end of last week not everyone is on the same page. I keep hearing that there is going to be more of an Invasion coming. After all, many people believed that "They" Abyss was talking about for weeks are the former OECW wrestlers invited. But they arent. Could there be more coming?

One of my first wrestling blogs was about how TNA has no originility. That they steal past ideas from other wrestling organizations. Um.... Hard"core" Justice just furthers that point. I always keep telling myself that I am not going to watch anymore TNA because I am tired of them having no originality. And yet, somehow every Thursday that I am home I am tuned to Spike. I can't explain it. I honestly think that last week's episode was the worst episode I have seen, with the exception of the Tag team match.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Draft Guesses... and other news.

4/22 - WWE released a few wrestlers from their rosters. That includes Shelton Benjamin and Mickie James. Both are kind of shocking that they are no longer on the roster. I have always been a big fan of Shelton but due to his lack of good Mic skills, it was always a matter of time. He had some great matches, especially against Shawn Michaels and Triple H. Others released include Slam Master J (Jesse, of Jesse and Festus) and Kung Fu Naki (Funaki)

This monday the WWE will have its annual Draft. I have not read any spoilers who might go where. Here are some guesses from me though. I think John Morrison, Finlay, Shad, and Edge will wind up going to Monday Night Raw. Going to Smackdown I see Primo, MVP, Ted Diabese, and Randy Orton. I also think that since it was never made official... Batista will join Raw and Jack Swagger to Smackdown.

Congratulations to the new TNA Champion, Rob Van Dam.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

If I ran TNA....

It's a well known fact that I am not a huge fan of TNA. I'm not saying they dont have talent on their roster. But unfortunately those running TNA don't seem to know how to use them.

1) Stop pushing the "dinosaurs". I was a huge fan of Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in the early to mid 1990's. But it's 2010 now. Hall is out of shape. Nash looks more and more like the first persona he had in the 1990's The Wizard. When was the last time they gave TNA even a 4 star match? They are old and slow. It's one thing to use them in a mentor role or an occasional match. But they aren't the dominant wrestlers they used to be. And dont get me started on Sean Waltman.

1b) Don't hire guys on name value. This is not going to be an Anti-"Band" rant. They aren't the only ones. Hulk Hogan and Mick Foley are perfect examples as well. Using them as figure heads are one thing. But they have slowed down in the ring.

2) Stop using recycled storylines from other wrestling organizations. Hogan giving Abyss his WWE hall of fame. Sting in the rafters. If you want to be taken seriously, then be original. No more Shark Boy doing Stone Cold Steve Austin rip offs. Jay Lethal shouldn't be a rip off of Randy Savage. Jay Lethal is a great in ring wrestler. The match he had against Kurt Angle on Impact several years ago when he almost won the TNA title proved he doesn't need recycled gimmicks to be taken seriously. AJ Styles is not Ric Flair. Stop dressing him like that. Being managed by Ric Flair is one thing, but to try to make him into the next Nature Boy is insulting to the previous Nature Boy and to AJ Styles himself. Even the ramp leading right up to the ring is a rip off of WCW! And do I have to remind you WCW failed.

3) Divas vs knockouts. When TNA started their knockout division, they said they weren't divas. They wanted to be taken seriously. We aren't no barbie dolls, I believe was a slogan I heard. But the last 2 weeks, they have had striping and leather/lace matches. Since they went to monday nights, they have teased kisses with the Beautiful People. That goes against everything that was started with the Knockout division.

4) Consistancy. It seems certain wrestlers go from heel to face based on one story line to the next. Jesse Neal, perfect example. So far in the 9 months (if even that) he has been in TNA has gone face to heel back to face. The Dudley Boys seem to flip every other show as well. Give a reason to hate the heels for an extended period. They actually did it right with Beer Money. But let's see what happens when this story line ends

5) Stop using celebrities. You picked someone from Survivor that unless you watched the show, you have no idea who Jenna Melasca was. Not everyone knows who Bubba The Love Sponge is. You will not get ratings boosts from non famous celebrities.

6) Go back to the six sided ring. That was something that set you apart from the WWE. It allowed you to be different. And different isn't always bad.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wrestlemania Thoughts.

You probably noticed that I didn't make a prediction on the Women's 10 diva match. Because I refused to acknowledge Vickie Guerrero wrestling, I'm sorry.

I did ok in my predictions. I correctly guessed ShowMiz over Truth/Morrison, Chris Jericho over Edge, Undertaker over Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart (with lots of interference) over Vince McMahon, Rey Mysterio over CM Punk. I missed HHH over Sheamus, John Cena over Batista, Randy Orton defeating Legacy and Money In The Bank.

Best match on the card, clearly was Undertaker and Shawn Michaels as everyone expected it to be. It wasn't nearly what last year's match was, but it was still a 4.5 star match.

The Money In The Bank was kind of sloppy. I counted atleast 4 missteps involving the ladder, but the good news is there was no one seriously injured.

Not only was I way off by predicting Cody Rhodes to win the triple threat it should have been obvious when he came out to non-Legacy music that Legacy was in deed over.

How much time and money do they spend on these eleborate John Cena Major PPV enterances? That was just Beyond Redonkolous. Best part of this match was during the Cena celebration when he cheered with a fan wearing a "I Hate Cena" T-shirt. Im not sure Cena even saw it.

Bret Hart didnt do a whole lot of wrestling in his match, which is off course understandable considering all that has happened to him since the last time he was in a wrestling ring.

I find humor in the fact that to join the Straight Edge Society, you have to shave your head but CM Punk.... big hair!

I was kind of disappointed there was one backstage segment (it was Lame) and no other celebrities shown through the crowd.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Wrestlemania 26 Predictions!

Wrestlemania 26 is this weekend. So I figured now was a great time to start my wrestling blog with my Wrestlemania predictions. I have been watching wrestling for more then half of my life. I think my first live event was in 1991 or 1992. I think one of the first main events I saw featured Hulk Hogan teaming with The Big Boss Man versus Mr. Perfect and The Genius.

So let’s get into the predictions…

CM Punk Vs Rey Mysterio (if Mysterio loses, he must join the Straight Edge Society) – This isn’t the first PPV match before these two. They had a classic match to be the number one contender for the intercontinental title back in Armaggedon 2008. I don’t see there is any way that Mysterio joins the SeS. So I am predicting Mysterio in a very competitive match.

HHH Vs Sheamus – Sheamus will jump HHH before the match even begins. I can see this match ending in a DQ (which I hate for Wrestlemania). So Sheamus wins because HHH uses his favorite weapon, the sledgehammer.

Money In The Bank – Do you remember when the MitB was only 6 people? Then they added two more people. And now this year we have a ten person Money in The Bank, which makes this the hardest MitB to predict. Every year I have predicted Shelton to win the MitB match. He is one of the best performers in WWE. The only thing he lacks is good mic skills, but I can see him being a heavyweight Champion. But somehow I don’t see Vince seeing that. So I am split for prediction…. Either Kofi Kingston or Vince’s boy, Drew McIntyre.

Vince McMahon vs Bret Hart – This will not be a wrestling match, let’s go ahead and say that. It will be nice to see Bret, especially if he wears the classic pink and black gear. There will be lots of weapons. There might some interference in this match too. But let’s face it, Vince McMahon NEVER wins. So Bret wins and get his revenge.

ShowMiz vs John Morrison and R. Truth – There are rumors that John Morrison turns heel and there is no place better to make an impact then at Mania. ShowMiz wins and retains the Unified Tag Titles. I will be really annoyed if they move this to the pre-show like last year’s Unification Title Match.

Randy Orton vs Ted Dibiase vs Cody Rhodes – It would be so easy to pick either Randy or Ted in this match. And that’s why I am picking a serious upset. Cody Rhodes steals this one.

John Cena vs Batista – Maybe I am biased against both of them. I honestly don’t like either of them. So I don’t care who wins this match. But I am going to say John Cena wins cuz Cena never loses big matches.

Edge vs Chris Jericho – I am a huge Edge-head. I will admit that. He is one of my all time favorite wrestlers. But I honestly think they could do more with Jericho as champion right now then they can with Edge. I think this feud goes for a few months, so Edge will eventually win back the title.

Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels – I really think this should be the main event match. Title or no title, this is the match everyone is looking forward to it. I think it will be so hard to beat last year’s fantastic match. But in the end, no one should bring the streak to an end. Undertaker wins. I will be sad that it will be Shawn Michaels last match. But the way I look at it, Shawn Michaels retired a few years ago after Wrestlemania 14. But he returned and we have seen almost a decade of great matches from HBK. And hopefully they will send out Shawn Michaels like they did with Flair two years ago.