Thursday, August 22, 2013

Step Up Edition

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Of course the biggest news coming out of Raw this week is that John Cena is indeed not a super-man. Cena had surgery to repair a torn tricep, keeping him out of action for 4-6 months. My thoughts about Cena are well known. As a performer, he is the best on microphone (right now) but as a wrestler, to me, he leaves a lot to be desired. But no one has given more to the world of wrestling than he has. From his charity work to his promotions for the company, no one does more. And for that he will be missed over that time.

It would take the average person four to six months to recover from the surgery that he had, but let's face it. Cena is not normal. Back in 2007 he was injured in October and was supposed to miss about six months of action. Instead he appeared in the Royal Rumble of 2008 and won it. All I am trying to say is I would be surprised if he takes the full four to six months to recover from this injury as well.

With both John Cena and Sheamus out, there need to be some wrestlers who step up in the absence. So I thought I would take this opportunity to list who I think should step up and why.

Daniel Bryan is, of course, on top of that list. He is already on the verge (once again) of being that top tier main event status. He has the crowd behind him and is a great mat-based wrestler. Plus, while I would never consider him an aerial wrestler, he does fly a little bit.

Dolph Ziggler has now been on the cusp of being a main eventer twice in the last few years and this is a perfect time for him to shine. We know he is athletic and takes crazy bumps. He has everything it takes to be a main eventer with the company for years to come, plus the fans are behind him as well. With the three-on-one match he had on Raw this past week, I think it's safe to say he will be looked at to help carry the load in Cena's absence.

Another person who had a three-on-one match this week is Big Show. He has the experience of being a main eventer. He is just returning from injury himself, so I think that helps him as well.

There are two other guys that have been on the verge of main eventing before that I think can fill in for Cena as well. Cody Rhodes and Kofi Kingston are both capable of great matches with practically anyone on the roster. I have been a fan of both of them pretty much since their debuts, so this would be the chance if the WWE wanted to push them to do so. Rhodes is in a feud right now with Damien Sandow but Kofi hasn't done anything since his return. I would love to see him step up against Ryback for injuring him. Both Kingston and Rhodes are young guys with a lot of future ahead of them.

I would include Christian and Rob Van Dam in this, however, both would be temporary fixes. Both are getting up there in age (as is Big Show, I know). They are both talented wrestlers who have been around the business for decades and could help teach the younger guys a thing or two.

Maybe throw in an NXT guy or two like Adrian Neville or Kassius Ohno. I also would like to see Xavier Woods called up. He may not have experience in the WWE, but he was almost a main eventer at TNA for awhile and has plenty to offer the WWE as well.

You hate to see any injury, regardless of your feeling for any superstar or diva. Hopefully it gives guys a chance to "reach for that brass ring" and climb the ladder that they would not normally get a chance to do.

Special thanks to my wonderful editor who also doubles as my lovely fiancée!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Hall of Fame Class # 2 Edition

Before we get started with the second class of the Inside The Wrestling Ring Hall of Fame, something happened this past week that warrants a mention. I want to congratulate Darren Young for having the nerve to come out as a gay man in the world of professional wrestling. It can't be easy for someone in a testosterone filled locker room to do what he did. So his actions to TMZ is all that much more impressive.

And without further adieu it's time to induct the 2nd class into my Hall of Fame. And there is no one better, no name bigger to induct then Shawn Michaels. My first memory of Shawn Michaels was with the Rockers. He didn't make such of an impression on me, but my first Mark out moment was the day he turned on Marty Jannety and tossed him through the Barber Shop Window. Who would have thought we would see him grow to become Mr. WrestleMania after that. There is not a belt he has not won. Michaels is a 3 time WWE champion, 1 time World Champion, 3 time Intercontinental Champion, 1 time European title and a five time tag team champion.

My next inductee will be tied to Shawn Michaels forever. Because it was against Shawn Michaels that he wrestled his last match. I am talking about Ric Wooo Flair! Flair's career is even more impressive considering in 1975 he was in a plane crash. He broke his back in three different spots and was told he would never wrestle again. Keep in mind that was in 1975! Think of all that Ric Flair has done in that time. Most people wish they had 1/3 of his career. Ric Flair is a 16 time world champion in the WCW and WWE.

Next up to be inducted The Inside the Wrestling Ring Hall of Fame is Jake The Snake Roberts. The man never won a single belt in the WWE. But there was no man that could deliver a better promo then Jake The Snake Roberts. There wasn't any one better at ring psychology then Roberts. He invented a basic move that is still used today as well, the DDT. Jake has fallen on hard times but is looking to get back into shape. There are rumors that he wants to be in the 2014 Royal Rumble.

My final inductee is Ted DiBiase, the Million Dollar Man. His list of titles won isn't that high. He never won a singles belt in the WWE, not including the belt he created The Million Dollar Belt. He only won the tag team titles once in his career. But very few people in the business owned a gimmick like Ted DiBiase owned the Million Dollar Man gimmick. Some wrestlers are brawlers, some are technically sound. Ted DiBiase was a little bit of both. And again, one of the best talkers in the history of the sport. Can anyone forget this classic moment?I never truly appreciated his skill when I was a kid. It was only recently in watching some of his older matches that I have grown to appreciate him.

The final inductee of the night goes to my fiancée. And she has picked not just an average wrestler, but a great one. In fact, The Great One. The Rock. What can you say about the Rock that hasn't been said? He is a 2 time World Champion,8 time WWE Champion, 2 time Intercontinental Champion and a 5 tag team champion. There is no one that can control a crowd like the Rock can. He is the biggest cross over wrestler in the history of WWE. Hulk Hogan made movies, but they weren't good. The Rock has starred in huge blockbusters and number one movies all over the world. He can be funny, dramatic or be an action star. What more can you say?

Definitely check out our partner Club Kayfabe where a special guest was on this week's episode. None other then me! And I want to say thank you to Chris, Pat and Dan for allowing me to fill the fourth chair.

Special thanks to my wonderful editor and fiancée for helping as always.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summerslam 2013 Predictions

Welcome to the first of two blogs for the day here at Inside the Wrestling Ring. The first blog will be about my predictions for Summerslam 2013. So let's get started with the kick off match.

This past week we saw a 20 man over the top battle royal to decide who would face Dean Ambrose for the United States Championship as part of the pre-show. It came down to Mark Henry vs Rob Van Dam and your winner was RVD. I would love to see him win the strap, but I don't think he will. I think that The Shield will attack during the match and Big Show and Mark Henry will come down to even the odds. I think that at next month's Night Of Champions we will have a winner take all match between the six of them. But I predict this will be an incredible way to get Summerslam started.

Next up will be the Total Divas match between Natayla and a Bella, in this case Brie. I think that Natayla SHOULD win, but probably won't. So expect some twin magic to occur and a Bella victory

Kane vs. Bray Wyatt in a Ring Of Fire match. This is the first Ring of Fire match, not to be confused with an inferno match. No one will be set on fire in this match. Bray Wyatt has to win. It's his first match and he can't start off a loser. I would be interested in this to see what Wyatt is like in the ring. I saw him as Husky Harris and I saw a match he had 2 years ago at FCW against Richie Steamboat. I was not impressed either way, but he has supposedly improved dramatically so I will give him the benefit of the doubt!

The match I am most looking forward to is Cody Rhodes against his former tag team partner Damien Sandow. Both men can go in the ring, they are both good at telling a story in the ring, and as former partners they know each other's moves well. I don't think either of them will be a Jannety or a Neidhart. I think Damien Sandow will win this match, but this really could go either way in my book.

Next up is AJ and Big E. Langston vs Kaitlyn and Dolph Ziggler. This match I keep going back and forth on who will win. But I will stick with my guns and say AJ and Big E. She is the diva's champion and he is up and coming. Plus I want to see if Big E. tries to kiss AJ again!

Now it's time for my thoughts of the Best vs. The Beast, CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar. I think this will be as brutal as the build up has been. I think it ends in a DQ with either Curtis Axel or Paul Heyman interfering. Maybe a chair is used. We have not seen the last of these two though. Expect a huge stipulation match at Night of Champions

The World Heavyweight Title will be defended when Alberto Del Rio goes against Christian. I expect Del Rio to win. I like Christian, but I think more can be gained by Del Rio winning. His heel turn has fallen flat. I think that is why Del Rio attacked Ricardo Rodriguez on Raw two weeks ago.

And finally John Cena versus Daniel Bryan with Triple H as Special Guest Referee for the WWE Title. I think having Triple H as the Special Guest Referee changes everything. I expect Daniel Bryan to walk out as champion. John Cena is hurt, first off. Secondly no one is hotter right now than Daniel Bryan. I also expect Randy Orton to cash in his Money In The Bank and lose setting up a great triple threat match at Night Of Champions.

A Special Thanks to my fiancée who helps edit this page!