Friday, September 3, 2010

No Surrender PPV Predictions

Velvet Sky vs Madyson Rayne- Whenever the words grudge match are used, a safe bet is always with the face in this case Rayne. But I have a feeling that Velvet Sky will pull this one out. By cheating of course.

Falls Count Anywhere Abyss vs Rhyno - I have been a fan of Rhyno for a while, but he never seems to get PPV matchs so I am glad to see this. However as rare as his PPV matchs are, PPV wins are even harder to come by. Abyss wins!

Sting/Kevin Nash vs Jeff Jarrett/Samoa Joe - In the battle of the dinosaurs, Samoa Joe turns his back on Jeff Jarrett and once again sides with Sting/Nash....

X Division Title: Sabu vs Douglas Williams. Sabu wins... via DQ. Hence no title reign for him

I Quit AJ Styles vs Tommy Dreamer. Tommy Dreamer probably has never said I Quit. Either has AJ Styles. Tommy should have quit a long time ago... Styles win

TNA World Tag Titles Motor City Machine Guns vs London Brawling. That may be the dumbest tag name since Techno Team 2000. MCMG retain the titles!

Mr. Anderson vs The Pope - In the first semi-final match Mr. Anderson will defeat a very game Pople.

Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy - In the 2nd semi final match and the match that will steal the card.... Kurt Angle will win.

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