Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The TNA Vs WWE Super-Card 1 Edition

In a recent interview, Dixie Carter said she would support a Pay Per View event featuring the best of TNA wrestlers versus the best of the WWE. Now granted, Vince McMahon would probably never agree to it as well. But of course I couldn't help but imagine how it would turn out.

I sat down and picked matches that I would like to see as a wrestling fan. I then put together a group of four of my friends that are wrestling fans to vote who would win the match.

When selecting the matches, I tried to pick matches we have never seen before. I think that I was able to do that, with one exception. But I think you, the reader, would agree with me why we would need another of these matches. But that is still to come. The hardest part for me was limiting the card, which quite honestly I wasn't able to do. And that's why this is a super-card with fifteen matches on it. And I still didn't use all the guys that should have been used for this. That is why I am calling it Super Card 1. If the reaction is good enough, I will definitely do another one.

The votes were cast by myself, Steven, Chris, Jay and Carlos. Like I said, all five of us are die hard wrestling fans for as long as any of us can remember.

And on to the card

The opening match is the battle of the comic reliefs. Eric Young versus Santino Marella. The voting was not even close. 4-1 in fact. Most likely this match would be funnier than pure wrestling. We would probably see ODB and the Cobra get involved, but in the end, Eric Young wins. TNA strikes first!

The next match would be the complete opposite of the opener. Bobby Roode goes one on one with the Viper, Randy Orton. This match would be more physical and more brutal, as both men know how to punish their opponents. Voting for this match was much closer at 3-2. But Bobby Roode pins Randy Orton for a 2-0 lead for TNA.

Onto a six man tag match, featuring Aces and 8s members D-Von Dudley, Garrett Bischoff and Mr. Anderson going up against Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, collectively known as the Shield. This match would be short and sweet, with The Shield picking up a much needed win for the WWE. All five of us agreed on this match.

There are several matches that could steal the show, and this next match is on that list. The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels goes against Y2J Chris Jericho. This match would be a fun, fast-paced, back and forth match. Both men are technically sound and have been known to take high risks from time to time. It would be an entertaining match, but with a 4-1 vote Chris Jericho evens the score with a submission victory over Daniels.

Sometimes two different styles that you'd think wouldn't mesh well can make magic in the ring. I think this next match has that potential. Jeff Hardy will go next against Antonio Cesaro. Hardy is the risk taker, Cesaro is more power based. But with a 4-1 edge and a Swanton Bomb, Jeff Hardy will give TNA the lead once again.

Lower the steel cage for this next match. I figured it would be time for a gimmick match. The Monster Abyss will square off with the Big Red Machine Kane. This would, without a doubt, be the most physical match on the card, especially in the steel cage. It was another close match, 3 votes to 2. But Abyss picks up the victory for TNA

Speaking of physical matches, TNA World Champion Bully Ray Dudley squares off against former WWE Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett. This will be a knock down, drag out battle, but with a clean sweep in votes Bully Ray defeats Barrett. TNA is up 5-2 now!

Former world champions square off next when James Storm goes one-on-one with Dolph Ziggler. This would also be a back and forth match with two hungry competitors. As one might have expected between these two, voting was close. But James Storm picks up yet another TNA victory. Voting was 3-2.

Time for another gimmick match. This time, AJ Styles and Kofi Kingston will compete in a ladder match. Both men can fly without the help of a ladder, but adding it would just add some serious high spots and fun moments between the two. Voting was not close though. AJ Styles defeats Kofi Kingston in a fast paced, high energy match.

It's been a question that has been proposed before. Who is better? The Diva's of the WWE or the Knockouts of TNA. I selected four of each for an 8 woman tag match. ODB, Velvet Sky, Mickie James and Gail Kim team up versus AJ Lee, Katelyn, Naomi and Cameron. Voting was not close on this one. TNA continues to keep rolling against the best of the WWE.

Here's another match that could steal the show, which is why it needed a stipulation. Austin Aries will go up against Daniel Bryan in a 2 out of 3 falls match. One of my voters was so conflicted that he said the third match would end in a draw, he couldn't pick a winner! But the rest of us didn't have that problem. So Daniel Bryan defeats Aries.

Now we have another physical match where Hernandez goes against Ryback. Two giant men beating the heck out of each other. This won't be a pretty match, but winning unanimously is Ryback. Which is both good for him, because really when was the last time he won on Pay Per View and for the WWE who get a much needed win!

The only rematch on the card is up next as we get to the first of three main events on the Super-Card. These two wrestlers faced each other many times in Ring Of Honor but now it's for Bragging Rights for their company. Samoa Joe competes against CM Punk. And the winner this time is CM Punk with a 4-1 margin in voting.

This next match would have been better if one of the wrestlers was in their prime, but he is not. Regardless I think the similarities between these two would make for an entertaining match. Hulk Hogan goes one on one with John Cena. As expected the voting was close. But John Cena got three votes, Hulk Hogan got two. Maybe we could have The Rock be special guest referee in the rematch?

And tonight's final main event features Sting going against the COO of the WWE Triple H. Again, neither man is in their prime but it still has potential to be a great match. Voting was close as one might expect on this one as well. But Triple H delivers the last blow with a Pedrigree to Sting for the victory.

And there you have it. In a close final vote, TNA wins 8 matches to WWE's seven wins.


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