Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ricardo Rodriquez vs Jack Swagger Edition

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I think the biggest story of the week had nothing to do with what actually takes place in the ring. Alberto Del Rio's personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriquez was suspended for 30 days this past week for violating the Wellness Policy. The rumor is that he was using fat burning vitamins he got from a store like GNC. I have a huge issue with this suspension.

Jack Swagger was recently arrested and found guilty in the court of law for marijuana use just days after he won the Elimination Chamber match. Was he suspended for that? No. In fact, one might even say he was rewarded for it. In fact, he is still being rewarded as he is one of the fourteen people scheduled for two Money In The Bank ladder matches in two weeks. Is the difference that the WWE weren't the ones who caught him as opposed to Rodriguez? I read a statement from the arresting officer that said Swagger was so high when asked for his license, he handed him his credit card instead. I would be willing to bet that there is nothing even remotely close to that with Rodriquez

I did a TMZ search for Ricardo Rodriguez. Do you know what came up? Nothing on this story. Because it's not worthy of a story. Because it's not even a story. It certainly doesn't deserve a thirty day suspension.

Now of course, I could be wrong and he could have tested positive for something a lot worse then Fat Burners. We may never know. But now we have to go without Ricardo's awesome Mexican Bow Ties and his bucket. Which is sad if you think about it.

In other news, this week we found out that the Wyatt Family will debut next week on Raw. There is quite a bit of buzz on them from the wrestling internet community. Hopefully it will go a long way in erasing our memories of Husky Harris. I know I am hoping for a lot from them. Hopefully they will not disappoint.

Until next time when I give my Money In The Bank Predictions. Special thanks as always to my wonderful fiancé and great editor

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