Monday, August 2, 2010

The Invasion Edition

Yes, I know it's been a very long time since an update here inside the Wrestling Ring. But here we go.

Both Monday Night Raw and Thursday Night Impact are dealing with their own invasions. Raw has been dealing with the Nexus for several months. And now it looks like TNA is dealing with a Hardcore invasion with former OECW (Original ECW) wrestlers.

Yes, I know that Dixie Carter invited Dreamer and Crew to appear, but clearly based on Raven's actions at the end of last week not everyone is on the same page. I keep hearing that there is going to be more of an Invasion coming. After all, many people believed that "They" Abyss was talking about for weeks are the former OECW wrestlers invited. But they arent. Could there be more coming?

One of my first wrestling blogs was about how TNA has no originility. That they steal past ideas from other wrestling organizations. Um.... Hard"core" Justice just furthers that point. I always keep telling myself that I am not going to watch anymore TNA because I am tired of them having no originality. And yet, somehow every Thursday that I am home I am tuned to Spike. I can't explain it. I honestly think that last week's episode was the worst episode I have seen, with the exception of the Tag team match.

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